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Making Behaviour Management Easy

Helping teachers work ‘smarter not harder’ by digitising and automating all your classroom management, rewards, incident forms, detentions / reflection time,  behaviour tracking, and parental engagement

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Easy Behaviour Logging System

Log behaviour anywhere from any device

Easy Classroom Management

Create a positive classroom culture with our unique Interactive Whiteboard app

Easy Points Reward System

Class and house points are logged on the board into our school wide tracker with auto generated certificates

Easy To Monitor & Analyse Behaviour

Know what is happening in every classroom from your desk

Easy Detention / Reflection Time

Add pupils’ names to our centralised detention / reflection time register

Easy Automated Incident Forms

Complete auto-populated incident forms in seconds, replacing bound books and ROI Forms

Easy Integrations (Safeguarding & MIS)

Pull all your pupil and teacher data from your MIS and log behaviour straight from the board into SIMS, CPOMS and MyConcern

Easy Parental Engagement

Parents can view behaviour, messages, attendance, homework, and detentions via a phone app

What is Trackit Lights?


Trackit Lights is founded by former teachers. After using other clunky systems for logging and tracking behaviour, we thought we would come up with our own that is more fun, efficient and effective!


Staff can log behaviour in a couple of clicks on any device, anywhere. Depending on the age of pupils and how you prefer to work, you can use our unique Interactive Whiteboard app, make it more engaging for younger pupils with fun avatars, or log behaviour discreetly using a tablet or Smart Phone.


The behaviour can be sent instantly into your safeguarding system or MIS, and all your other processes are automated including behaviour analytics, house points tracking, merit certificates, email notifications, Incident Forms and Detention or Reflection Time consequences.

The Interactive Whiteboard App


Our unique, motivational interactive whiteboard app is like having a classroom management tool bar down the righthand side of the board which is easily accessible during teaching, so you can log a behaviour or detention in three clicks, without having to navigate away from your slides or the rest of the board.


Click a pupil’s name

Click a traffic light

Click a behaviour icon


The behaviour is instantly logged into our school wide-tracker and sent into other systems you might be using, and our automation takes care of everything else reducing behaviour admin by up to 95%.

Parent Phone App

  • Customisable behaviour reports
  • Messaging and broadcasts
  • Attendance score
  • Detentions / Reflection Time
  • Homework

Easy Integrations

And many more…

SIMS Writeback


SIMS writeback automatically logs behaviour and detentions from the Trackit Lights interactive whiteboard tool bar – straight into SIMS, and automates all your processes, reducing your schools’ behaviour admin by up to 95%.


CPOMS & MyConcern Writeback


CPOMS and MyConcern writeback automatically logs all behaviour incidents, incident forms and physical intervention forms into your safeguarding software, so all your relevant behaviour data can appear along-side your safeguarding data.


Easy SLT Reporting

Easily identify which pupils need the most support and which pupils have the most class points.


Easily access pupils' records for restorative practice, pastoral support and meetings with parents.


Easily generate incident reports and archive them replacing paper forms and filing cabinets.


Easily identify which specific behaviours are casuing the most disruption to learning so you can put in place school wide interventions.


Easily monitor every class across the school on one screen so you know which classes need your support.


“We saw 50% reduction in negative behaviour incidents in the first term and a half”

Alex Smith, Deputy Head, Nelthorpe School

Fiona Brocklesby

Deputy Headteacher at Abbotwoods Junior School, Southhampton

Trackit Lights is now an integral part of our school! It focuses on rewarding positive behaviours whilst supporting children to self-regulate. It has helped our teachers be consistent and focus on teaching which has improved progress in learning and hugely decreased negative behaviours - 99% of behaviours are now positive. Our pupils and parents love the certificates they receive which we generate automatically. As SLT, we have used the reporting element to support us with coaching teachers and LSAs, identifying trends to focus on the right areas for development - we can even see what is happening in the classrooms in real time! It has really embedded the learning behaviours from our school values and helped us celebrate children's success. We wouldn't be without it!

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Sarah Marriot

Assistant Headteacher at Brooklands Farm Primary School, Milton Keynes

Trackit Lights is used across our whole school. We now have a consistent approach to managing behaviour which we are able to evidence robustly, holding all of our data in one place. Both pupils and staff love the system and it's a fantastic asset to the senior leadership team! It allows us to personalise our approach and shows that we are relentlessly bothered about every child in our school, as evidenced in our review from Anchored Schools. We were the first school in the country to achieve a Gold Award and there was huge strength in the way that we used Trackit Lights.

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Luke Ramsden

St Benedict's School, Ealing

Trackit Lights has allowed us to keep our same behaviour management and rewards processes, but it has digitised them and brought them all into one time-saving platform. It's reduced staff workload and now that we have all the information in one place, we can much more easily build up the fullest picture possible of each of our students, and act rapidly and effectively to provide the right support.

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Jaz Paul

Head of School at Ryders-Hayes National Support School, Walsall

Trackit Lights has helped us promote our school values in a very visual way. Pupils are more motivated, our teacher's love it because it has massively reduced their behaviour admin workload and it's opened up a whole new dimension for senior leaders.

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Jonathan Wood

Deputy Head at Holy Trinity Primary School, Ossett

Trackit Lights has given us a fun and engaging rewards system and a consistent approach to classroom management. Behaviour and engagement in lessons have really improved since we started using it. The system gives our school leaders a very simple but effective live overview of behaviour patterns across the school so that we can be prompt and strategic with our interventions.

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Paul Anderson

Head Teacher at Hurst Knoll School, Ashton-under-Lyne

Trackit Lights fitted in perfectly with our Behaviours for Learning Policy and house point system as we could tailor it to our needs. The SLT now have an accurate, up-to-date picture of learning behaviours across the school, which can effectively be shared with stakeholders. It is a quick, easy to manage, effective system for teachers, and our pupils are more engaged with their learning because they can see for themselves how well they are doing on a day by day basis.

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Jill Wood

Headteacher at Little London Primary School, Leeds

At last an easy to use, very visual tool which helps children take ownership of their own behaviour. Our staff love it, our children have better self-regulation and everyone is smiling!

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Bea Collis

Deputy Head at Heatherlands Primary School, Poole

Negative behaviour incidents were reduced by more than 50% in our first term of using Trackit Lights.

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Alex Smith

Deputy Head at Nelthorpe School, Brigg

We saw a 50% reduction in negative behaviour incidents in a term and a half.

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Simon Charnock

Head Teacher at St Andrews Primary School, Bolton

Trackit Lights has refreshed our behaviour for learning and classroom reward systems throughout the school, whilst ensuring that the children are able to associate our Christian Values and Vision to our school's ethos, teaching and learning.

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Cameron Jones

Deputy Headteacher at Cumnor House School, South Croydon

Trackit Lights is used by every teacher in every class all day long. It has helped our teachers maintain our high standards of behaviour in a fun and motivating way. They are able to record far more behaviour with less effort, which means that senior leaders have detailed reports and analytics to monitor and evidence behaviour when we need it.

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Ruth Pickering

Assistant Headteacher at Windmill Academy, Nottingham

Trackit Lights has had a profoundly positive effect. It’s easy to use and has reduced behaviour admin considerably. The pupils are highly engaged and love it – the positive reinforcement of great behaviours and attitudes towards learning has had a remarkable impact.

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Claire Evans

Deputy Headteacher at Anderton Park Primary School, Birmingham

We all love Trackit Lights. Rewarding our school values is important to us, as is the quick and meaningful praise and reward system. The children love it too and it's been a very positive addition to the classroom. Trackit Lights also enables senior leaders to follow pupil behaviour across the school and quickly identify those not on target. Its a win - win for us

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Mike Worthington

Assistant Headteacher at The Kings C of E School, Stoke-on-Trent

Trackit Lights has been the most beneficial tool we have implemented in recent years. It’s had a hugely positive impact on behaviour and its reduced staff workload by automating 95% of our behaviour admin. It's been a significant help for us during the Covid crisis.

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