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per pupil per year

*minimum license fee £600

‘Primary’ functionality

  • Trackit Lights Classroom Interactive Whiteboard app
  • MIS integration (e.g. SIMS, Integris, Scholar Pack…etc)
  • CPOMS / MyConcern integration
  • School-wide behaviour tracker
  • House Points Tracker
  • Analytical reports
  • Incident Forms
  • Certificates
  • Log behaviour via computers, tablets and Smart phones outside of the classroom

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per pupil per year

*minimum license fee £600

*maximum license fee £3500

All ‘Primary’ functionality plus…

  • SIMS Writeback (not included in ‘Primary’)
  • Detention System
  • Advanced reporting
  • Head of Year reporting
  • Head of faculty reporting
  • Head of house reporting
  • Form Tutor reporting

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All license fees include

  • Free setup
  • Unlimited tutorials over the phone for all staff
  • Ongoing helpdesk support – phone lines open 8:30-5:00pm Monday to Friday
  • Free upgrades


  • 10% MAT discount for 3 or more schools
  • For less than 100 pupils, please get in touch for a small school discount