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Trackit Lights Service Agreement

Trackit Lights Service Agreement: GDPR compliance notes


DPIA Questions

What is the purpose of the software?

  • Trackit Lights is a behaviour management system which is used in the classroom to motivate good behaviour and reduce admin workload in recording performance data. Statistics are gathered across the school to provide management with the ability to quickly review the performance across the school. Details can be found at


How does the system work?

  • Trackit Lights is a ‘cloud service’. The service interfaces to the school’s admin system via a third-party service called Wonde which is used by thousands of schools and provides a secure and controlled access to specific data which the school must consent to.
  • Staff can log positive and misbehaviour via a desktop app, an iOS / Android app, and via a web portal. The choice of behaviours is set by the SLT as part of the school’s behaviour policy.
  • The logged behaviours are collected and made available as a series of charts. Staff can use the charts to monitor and evidence behaviour.
  • An optional parent’s app can be used to share a pupil’s behaviour records with their parent’s, as well as features for homework, detentions, and messages.
  • Other features include class points, house points, certificates, detentions, incident forms, and integrations with safeguarding systems to send incident forms into relevant systems.


What data is required?

  • The data required is non-sensitive in data protection terms. In essence, Trackit Lights needs the pupils’ names, which classes the pupils are in, plus the teachers’ names, their work email addresses and which classes they teach. There are a few other items which are specified when consenting to the Wonde integration.
  • Parent app: Parents download the app from the app store and input their name and email address when logging in for the first time. They are required to agree to the Trackit Lights terms and conditions which is an agreement between Trackit Lights and the parent. Trackit Lights does not receive any information about parents from the school or from Wonde. All parent data is provided by the parents.


Technical specifications

Where is the data stored?

  • Microsoft’s UK data centres. These are government approved for use in the public sector.


Where is the service provider located?

  • Scarborough North Yorkshire YO11 9HU


Is the data encrypted?

  • The data is encrypted.


Who has access to the system?

  • All users have to register with their school email address and a password of their own choice.There are a very specific small number of Trackit Lights employees who have access to the system for the purposes of customer and technical support. All employees have confidentiality agreements and access is governed by individual passwords for each school.


Does Trackit Lights offer role-based controls?

  • Senior leaders and school administrators can set user permissions based on roles.


What monitoring, logging and alerting controls does Trackit Lights offer?

  • School users can monitor behaviour charts and email notifications can be turned on for certain user to be altered to behaviour incidents.
  • The Trackit Lights technical support team has access to alert mechanisms, KPI’s, and error notifications that are checked daily.