Trackit Lights parent app is an optional add-on. You can turn on and off features including:

  • Customisable behaviour reports
  • Messaging and broadcasts
  • Detentions / Reflection Time
  • Homework
  • Attendance score

Customisable behaviour reports

Select which behaviours you would like to share with parents – just the positives, positives and extreme incidents, or every low level behaviour

Messaging and broadcasts

Send messages to individual parents, or a list of parents and track which parents have read them.

Attendance Score

The pupil’s attendance score in the school’s MIS will be shared with parents, and automatic notification will be sent when a pupil drops down a level.


Notify parents of homework and automatically alert parents when homework is overdue

Detentions / Reflection Time

Automatically notify parent of any Detentions or Reflection Time that has been logged