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Trackit Lights

Case Studies

Heatherlands Primary School

Bea Collis - Deputy Head

How a National Support school reduced negative behaviour by 65% with Trackit Lights

Ryder Hayes Primry School

Jaz Paul - Head of School

How a National Teaching School reduced their behaviour admin workload by 95% with Trackit Lights

St. Benedict's School

Luke Ramsden - Senior Deputy Head

How an independent all-through school streamlined their behaviour management with Trackit Lights

See what our schools say about us!

Alex Smith

Deputy Head at Nelthorpe School, Brigg

We saw a 50% reduction in negative behaviour incidents in a term and a half.

Bea Collis

Deputy Head at Heatherlands Primary School, Poole

Negative behaviour incidents were reduced by more than 50% in our first term of using Trackit Lights.

Simon Charnock

Head Teacher at St Andrews Primary School, Bolton

Trackit Lights has refreshed our behaviour for learning and classroom reward systems throughout the school, whilst ensuring that the children are able to associate our Christian Values and Vision to our school's ethos, teaching and learning.

Jonathan Wood

Deputy Head, Holy Trinity Primary School, Ossett

Trackit Lights has given us a fun and engaging rewards system and a consistent approach to classroom management. Behaviour and engagement in lessons have really improved since we started using it. The system gives our school leaders a very simple but effective live overview of behaviour patterns across the school so that we can be prompt and strategic with our interventions.

Paul Anderson

Head Teacher at Hurst Knoll School, Ashton-under-Lyne, Leeds

Trackit Lights fitted in perfectly with our Behaviours for Learning Policy and house point system as we could tailor it to our needs. The SLT now have an accurate, up-to-date picture of learning behaviours across the school, which can effectively be shared with stakeholders. It is a quick, easy to manage, effective system for teachers, and our pupils are more engaged with their learning because they can see for themselves how well they are doing on a day by day basis.

Jill Wood

Headteacher at Little London Primary School, Leeds

At last an easy to use, very visual tool which helps children take ownership of their own behaviour. Our staff love it, our children have better self-regulation and everyone is smiling!

Claire Evans

Deputy Head at Anderton Park Primary School, Birmingham

We are LOVING it! Children love it, staff love it and it has streamlined the workload in the office too!

Bradley Temperley

Key Stage 2 Lead at Westfield Primary School, Bedford

We are loving Trackit Lights, it’s really helped us track behaviour in so many different ways. The recognition pupils receive has created a positive learning environment where the kids really strive to do their best.

David Finlay

Assistant Head at St Mary's Primary School, Bath

Trackit Lights has been fantastic and teachers have loved using it. From a leadership point of view, it has been extremely useful in monitoring behaviour, building stories and keeping records of pupils. We have started pointing other schools towards the system.

Claire Evans

Deputy Head at Anderton Park Primary, Birmingham

We all love Trackit Lights. Rewarding our school values is important to us, as is the quick and meaningful praise and reward system. The children love it too and it's been a very positive addition to the classroom. Trackit Lights enables us to follow pupil behaviour across the school and quickly identify those not on target. Its a win - win for us.