The three tasks should only take a matter of minutes to complete.


1) Install the Trackit Lights App across all staff computers: Please click the link below to send some installation instructions to your IT technician:


Send IT technician installation instructions


2) Give Consent for us to integrate with your MIS system: Your school uses a software service called ‘Wonde’ to share your Management Information System data with us. This allows us to pull over your pupils’ and teachers’ names and classes from your MIS (e.g. SIMS, Integris, CMIS etc) every night. Please consent to this as soon as you receive an email from Wonde so we can start setting up your data (if you don’t receive an email, you can log in to your Wonde portal at, click on the ‘Trackit Lights’ tile and ‘Approve access’. Alternatively you can call Wonde on 01638 438094.


3) Schedule an Onboarding Call: Please click the button below to schedule a 20 minute Onboarding Call so we can help you customise the system to your requirements. During the call you will be given you login details and we can discuss options for staff training as well.


Schedule Onboarding Call