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Trackit Lights

How a Secondary Independent School streamlined their behaviour management with Trackit Lights

At St Benedict’s, we used to have paper-based systems for logging merits, behaviour concerns and safeguarding issues which we would painstakingly input into Excel spread sheets at the end of the week. Filing cabinets full of forms and spreadsheets made it incredibly cumbersome to derive any useful information to inform the management team.

We have been using MyConcern for many years to catalogue our safeguarding concerns. Using MyConcern allows for very easy entering of information and sharing of that information among our staff. More recently, we have started using Trackit Lights to streamline our behaviour management, rewards system, incidents, detentions and behaviour tracking into one simple platform. Being able to log both safeguarding and behaviour digitally has reduced teacher workload and improved our ability to manage these issues quickly and track them robustly.

It is extremely useful therefore, that Trackitlights is now able to integrate with MyConcern so that behavioural issues logged on Trackitlights are automatically copied into MyConcern. Behaviour and pastoral issues are extremely closely connected of course, with pastoral issues often leading to behavioural issues, and poor behaviour often an indicator of underlying pastoral concerns. Now that we have all the information in one place our staff can much more easily build up the fullest picture possible of each of our students, and act rapidly and effectively to provide the right support.