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Trackit Lights

SIMS – Trackit Lights

Log behaviour on the board in class, straight into SIMS


SIMS and Trackit Lights work together to make it easier for you to manage your behaviour. Trackit Lights is a permanent feature on every teachers’ interactive whiteboard. It’s an engaging, motivational behaviour management tool bar down the right side of the board that allows teachers to quickly log positive and negative behaviour and motivate pupils.

The behaviour is instantly logged into our beautifully simple reporting system and integrations with SIMS, CPOMS and other MIS systems log the behaviour, detentions, incident forms and physical intervention forms straight from the board into the systems you are already using.

Easy Behaviour Logging

Select positive and negative behaviour icons on the board, and in one click the behaviour is instantly logged into SIMS.

Class and house points are added to motivate pupils and colour coded warnings help pupils understand the escalation policy

Easy Forms

Complete incident and physical intervention forms in seconds with pre-populated data entry and instantly upload into SIMS.

Easy Detention

Schedule a pupil’s detention from the board and the pupil’s name is instantly added to the detention register in Trackit Lights and SIMS.

Easy SLT Reporting