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Restorative Practice
Paul Carlile webinar 1 - Rebuilding School Community

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This recording is from a discussion we had with senior leaders and Paul Carlile (former headteacher of three schools, former Ofsted inspector, regional development advisor, and Restorative Practice consultant) to discuss rebuilding school community.

Paul has the profound ability to work with schools and entire regions to shape their communities into environments where pupils, staff and parents thrive in. On average, the schools he works with reduce their exclusions by 62%, he has seen a 50% reduction in negative behaviour incidents and schools have saved in excess off £70,000 a year due to reduced staff absences.

Paul’s work is a testament to the fact that connection is the heartbeat of the school community and culture which all aspects of school life is built on. It's arguably the most significant factor in wellbeing, behaviour, achievement, and attendance.

For more information about the session, please see below.

Paul Carlile gained national and international recognition as a headteacher due to his work in the North East of England, and latterly for his leadership and trainer's role in the internationally recognised Restorative Practice initiatives in Hull and Milton Keynes.

Paul is currently a consultant working with local authorities (Central Bedfordshire, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Milton Keynes and North East Lincolnshire) and multi Academy Trusts and schools across the UK, and Ontario Canada.

Re-Building Our Community: Webinar with Paul Carlile

An invitation for school leaders to consider, with Paul, the additionality Community Building Practices can bring to the relational climate, during the initial phase of a planned return, and beyond. Practices to re-create with staff, pupils and families a lived experience of connection, belonging and inclusion – A community where people are seen, known and heard.

Paul will begin the session with a 30min talk to explore:

Why Build Community?

  • Perceptions of the relational context and the meaning we make
  • The regulating effects of friendly social engagement - It’s in our DNA
  • Co-regulation and self-regulation.

How to Model the Model: Informal Practice:

  • Convey messages of recognition, care and appreciation by:
  • Remaining Present
  • Speaking with intention to understand
  • Sistening with attention

How to Model the Model: Formal Practice:

  • Gather together connects us with something bigger than ourselves
  • A container to build: Connection – Trust – Authentic contribution
  • Facilitation – Establish and maintain the context

This will be followed by an opportunity to ask Paul questions, and open a wider discussion

Click here to download our free Resorative Practice Pack with printable resources Free RP Pack